About us …

CLIP Luhačovice is a leading Czech manufacturer and distributor of spa wafers


Since 1991 our company has began with the production and distribution of spa waffles. This production rises from the tradition of spa towns.
Since that time the spa in Luhačovice, lying in the South-East of Moravia, become the unthinkable without their spa waffles.

Thanks for neverending activity and original recepies our company achieved not only in the whole Czech Republic but even in the abroad. Per day we are able to dispatch approx. 10.000 packets of waffles and triangles in twenty different kinds including waffles and triangles which are available for diabetics. The most favorite kinds of waffles are chocolates, walnuts, vanilla, coconut, etc.


Sales is very atractive for the producing the waffles directly in front of the customers, not only in Luhačovice, but also in Teplice in Czech Republic and in Poděbrady, where are the branches of our company. The quality of our products is being checked constantly by the manager of the production and mainly by the owner of the company.

Nowadays our company has about 80 employees. We produce about 10.000 packets of waffles daily. Products are dedicated not only for domestic market, but also for the abroad. The largest foreign market is German buyer´s market.
The aim of our progressive company is to supply the waffles & products, to establish the production wherewer and sales and of course to sale the licence, where we are able to insure the machines, recepies, to teach the employees and permanent advise, etc.


Our private company achieve peak know-how in its branch, which can be seen in constant icreasing shipments.

We are absolutely obliged for you and looking forward to our good cooperation !!